Wohnhaus Calostat




Getting warmer with an innovative idea.

In new construction, CALOSTAT® is outstanding for core insulation in insulating bricks but is also suitable in facing bricks. In the case of renovation, solid-construction houses can be insulated without losing their character.

Interior insulation

As thermal enhancement of interior insulation, such as in building renovation, CALOSTAT® is an option in otherwise solid mineral building materials made of, for example, calcium silicate, bricks or aerated concrete. Here, CALOSTAT® is applied to the wall permeably in the form of a mineral, breathable composite material. This creates an extremely slender, breathable interior insulation that was never before possible in this form.

With its thermal conductivity of only λ = 0.019 W/(m K)—in accordance with AbZ WLS 021—CALOSTAT® can save up to 50% in insulation thickness compared to conventional mineral insulating materials, without sacrifices in indoor climate or non-flammability. This can save on wall and soffit depths, and prevent less efficient use of daylight. This, in turn, expands the design opportunities for planners.

Insulating materials based on silicon dioxide have been proven for years in high-temperature insulation and are a familiar feature in applications such as metal production and ovens. CALOSTAT® is developed based on purely mineral raw materials and, therefore, classified as a Construction Class A (non-flammable) material.

Gentle manipulation of the insulated systems is possible in all areas of application. Its durability, the purely mineral composite material of the finished construction element and its recyclability make CALOSTAT® a sustainable insulating material.