CALOSTAT® Variants

CALOSTAT® insulating panels are available as CALOSTAT® Pure and CALOSTAT® Sandwich variants.

CALOSTAT® Pure is a highly efficient and non-combustible insulating material. It is best suited as an insulating material in systems that are prefabricated. CALOSTAT® Pure is used as insulation in various facade systems or prefabricated composite elements.

CALOSTAT® Pure Technical datasheet CALOSTAT® Pure

CALOSTAT® Sandwich is a more robust variant with a core of CALOSTAT® Pure mechanically bonded to two facings. CALOSTAT® Sandwich is particularly suitable for insulation of back-ventilated rainscreen cladding as well as the ceilings of underground parking lots and basements, and for optimization of technical building equipment.

CALOSTAT®-Sandwich-MW Technical Datasheet CALOSTAT Sandwich MW