CALOSTAT® überzeugt auch bei Nachhaltigkeit.

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CALOSTAT® also impresses by its sustainability. The award of the Material Health Certificate at the Platinum level for both internal and external application testifies to the safety of CALOSTAT® for people and the environment. The use of high-quality raw materials makes fungicides, algicides, pesticides, fire-protection agents, and binders totally unnecessary – which is a big plus because these substances are often toxic.

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Builders also benefit financially by using CALOSTAT®. Insulation that is up to 50 percent slimmer avoids the use of additional building materials in construction. This results in direct savings and also helps the environment: Materials that are not used need not be produced or transported.

Buildings eventually reach an age at which they must be either restored or demolished. If, after a long life, they are available to subsequent generations as a raw-material source they are doubly useful. CALOSTAT® contributes toward this: After many years of use, the long-lived high-performance insulation material is easily recycled.

CALOSTAT® - Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold

CALOSTAT® is the only superinsulation material to be Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold. This enables builders to improve their scores in the assessment of their building projects for DGNB, LEED, or BREEAM certification.