Reference projects

underground parking garage, Düsseldorf

Residential area, Düsseldorf, Germany

Insulation of the cellar ceiling and underground parking garage

Construction company / Technical planner:

JENTH, Lüdenscheid

Contracting company

JENTH, Lüdenscheid

Year of construction of existing building:

19th century and early 20th century

Year of construction of new building: 2016

Location: Düsseldorf old town

Range of services:

Insulation of cellar ceiling and underground parking garage

Description of property:

The residential area is in the center of the Düsseldorf old town, between Hofgarten and the Rhine promenade.

It absorbs the superb quality of life of the city and reflects it in style in both historical and new buildings. At its core is a protected building with figurative and ornamental sculptural work on the facade. It was built at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. As part of the renovation works, the historical building has been redesigned with great care and has been supplemented with a stylish ensemble of new elements.

Facts and figures of the renovation:

  • System AQ1 from JENTH integrated with 40mm CALOSTAT®
  • U-value of roof of cellar and underground car park of 0.4 W/(m²K)

The amenities of the residential complex include the fire protection plan. This is based on an unpressurized sprinkler system, known as a wet-dry system, in the underground parking lot and neighboring basement areas. It has been installed on a single level without height offset, to allow extremely low-maintenance operation. This design using CALOSTAT® ensures that the system is frost-proof and that no standing water remains in operation.

The building shell requires a low U value for the ceiling insulation of the basement areas and of the underground parking lot for the housing unit, using a non-flammable material conforming to DIN EN 13501. For a conventional insulating material with WLG 045 this would have meant an insulation thickness of up to 100 mm.

Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) with a thermal conductivity rating of 007, while highly efficient, do not satisfy the high fire protection requirements.

The AQ1 system from JENTH of Lüdenscheid with 40 mm CALOSTAT® integrated was used for execution of the design.

A U value of 0.4 W/(m²K) could thus be achieved over the surface, so that thermal balance requirements were satisfied.