Barrier-free access to the roof terrace

In Berlin, an elegant and superbly insulated rooftop terrace with no barriers: CALOSTAT® Pure makes it possible 

Project: New Axel Springer building

Architect: Rem Kohlhaas of the architecture firm OMA

Construction company: Ed. Züblin AG

Completion: 2019

Location: Berlin

Scope of services: Slim, barrier-free insulation of a loggia using CALOSTAT® Pure 30

An exit to an outdoor seating area without barriers or steps has an elegant appearance and is, moreover, prescribed by DIN 18040 for the planning and construction of a barrier-free building. Realizing such a barrier-free exit to a loggia or rooftop terrace can pose major challenges to planners and construction companies. The design of the insulation in particular is often difficult if a heated or air-conditioned space lies under the outdoor seating area, especially if non-flammable materials are desired or specified for the connecting passage.

In Berlin, CALOSTAT® is used in the Axel Springer building, one of the most spectacular construction projects in the capital. The construction company decided to use CALOSTAT® Pure for the barrier-free exits. Due to its unique combination of properties the mineral insulating material from Evonik was the obvious first choice. “CALOSTAT® is an excellent insulator and non-flammable in addition to being sufficiently resistant to compression, which is of course very important for the exit to the rooftop terrace,” says construction engineer Oliver Jung, technical consultant at Evonik for CALOSTAT® customers in Germany. “It can save up to half the installation thickness of conventional non-flammable insulation and satisfy the often stringent space requirements.”

The new Axel Springer building, directly over where the Wall once stood, is intended to be for the publishing house an external and internal symbol of the start of a new epoch, pointing explicitly to “the future of work”. It is designed by top architect Rem Kohlhaas, partner of the architecture firm OMA. A striking loggia partly below the roof of the building offers a magnificent view of many of the city’s important buildings. CALOSTAT® Pure 30 serves here as fireproof, durable, and, above all, slim insulation for the rooftop terrace. Jens Hoffmann (of Ed. Züblin AG), site manager for the new Axel Springer building, is enthusiastic about the innovative material: “The roofing contractor could install the material without any difficulty. In CALOSTAT® we have found an advanced and sustainable insulating material that entirely satisfies our high requirements and has allowed us to design a barrier-free exit.”

The loggia on the top story of the imposing building could be designed so as to be barrier-free, thanks to CALOSTAT®

Site manager Jens Hoffmann (Züblin) and Oliver Jung inspect the site in Berlin

Photos: Evonik (2), Dominik Tryba\Axel Springer SE