FIRE PROTECTION with no loss of insulation performance


CALOSTAT® makes it possible. This innovative insulation material from Evonik is purely mineral-based. In chemical terms, its main component—silicon dioxide—is basically sand in a special form. This explains why this simple fact is true: CALOSTAT® doesn’t burn. No restrictions, no exceptions.

Proven fire protection 
CALOSTAT® is classified as A2-s1, d0 as specified in DIN EN 13501. This means that the insulation material is non-combustible, is classified in the category of lowest smoke emission, and, by the European standard, emits no burning droplets or particles. It also satisfies the requirements of the ASTM E 84 fire test as a class 1 or A material (flame spread index (FSI): 0/smoke development index (SDI): 5). 

After a 3-hour fire test, the temperature of the non-exposed side increases by only about 70 K.

Insulation and fire protection in one

Depending on your viewpoint, it’s a fire-protection panel that also insulates – or an insulation panel that also protects against fire. Its use even in high-rise structures poses no problems. CALOSTAT® can likewise be used at areas in the facade that are particularly at risk (above windows, for example, or in roller shutter boxes or reveals).


CALOSTAT® is the FeuerTRUTZ Network’s Product of the Year 2018 in the Structural Fire Protection category.