Efficient - safe - sustainable 

CALOSTAT® enables an exceptionally slender style of building facade, which means facades can be easily renovated within the borders of the property. Applicable facades include, for example, unitized facades, curtain-type (ventilated) facades, and concrete sandwich elements. In the case of new construction, CALOSTAT® is also proven as an effective insulator that creates a slender profile.

CALOSTAT® is particularly well suited to facades made predominantly of pure glass, especially floor slabs. Because there is an equally slender structure in relation to the glass façade desired with very limited space.

With its thermal conductivity of only λ = 0.019 W/(m K) CALOSTAT® can save up to 50% in insulation thickness compared to conventional mineral insulating materials. This, in turn, expands the design possibilities for planners and architects.

An additional advantage: In facade engineering, fewer wall structures mean fewer static loads and less construction work. This saves not only insulating material, but also other building material.

Rain screen facades

CALOSTAT® Pure and CALOSTAT® Sandwich allow slim, non-combustible rainscreen facades. Advanced design and the highest degree of safety in the event of fire are now at last compatible, thanks to CALOSTAT®.

Curtain wall facades on lightweight substructure

Lightweight structures are currently popular and CALOSTAT® streamlines them further – without compromising fire protection performance.

Element facade

Slim elements for the facade in new buildings and especially in renovation are easily realized with CALOSTAT®. Together with partners in the construction sector, Evonik has developed panels that reduce installation depth by more than 50 percent in comparison to standard insulation materials.

Facade paneling with a U value of < 0.20 W/m²K using a combination of CALOSTAT® and VIP with a thickness of only 74 mm.

CALOSTAT® provides safe and slim solutions even for difficult details such as insulation of shadow boxes or spandrel panels.

Non-combustible facade paneling insulated with two layers of CALOSTAT®.