Terraces and flat roofs 

Roof insulation jobs really showcase the strengths of CALOSTAT®, which is sustainable, non-combustible, pressure resistant, and delivers outstanding insulating properties regardless of temperature.

Direct sunlight on roofs easily results in temperatures over 70°C, making the ability of CALOSTAT® to insulate regardless of the temperature a major advantage. Whether insulating at 10°C or 100°C, CALOSTAT® has a λ value of less than 0.020 W(m·K). Only CALOSTAT® can do that.

In the insulation of terraces and flat roofs, CALOSTAT® solves the problem of high insulation thicknesses coupled with restrictions on the space available for installation. CALOSTAT® also scores on fire protection and compressive strength. Particularly in refurbishment, flush appearance of the terrace or roof is thus possible, combined with the best insulation. Sustainable and recyclable roof insulation is also possible with CALOSTAT®.

The high compressive strength of CALOSTAT® allows barrier-free access to the terrace along with fire-proof insulation.