Cradle to Cradle Certificate in Gold for CALOSTAT® 

CALOSTAT® high-performance insulation material has been certified as particularly sustainable with a Cradle to Cradle Certificate in Gold. 

The use of sustainable materials is playing an increasingly important role in the construction of buildings. Evonik scores here with its CALOSTAT® high-performance thermal insulation panel. This consists of synthetic amorphous silica and is non-combustible. With a thermal conductivity (λ) of just 0.019 W/mK, it achieves the same insulating performance as conventional mineral insulating materials at half their thickness. Thanks to core hydrophobization, water vapor diffuses easily through the material but cannot condense within it; as a result mold is unable to grow and treatment with fungicides or other biocides is not necessary. At the end of its useful life, CALOSTAT® is easily recycled.

This unique combination of material properties allows the development of entirely new high-performance insulation systems that impress by their efficient use of natural resources and high environmental compatibility. Following an extensive audit, this has now also been recognized by the US Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. The audit assessed the ecotoxicological properties of the raw materials and process chemicals used, the recyclability of the product, the use of renewable energies, and responsible handling of water during production, as well as compliance with social standards. The Cradle to Cradle certificate in gold is tangible proof that CALOSTAT® delivers top performance in each of these areas.