CALOSTAT® is a finalist for the Deutscher Innovationspreis 2018

High-performance insulation material ranked among top innovations in Munich

Multifunctional materials are steadily gaining in importance. What makes new materials successful is the combination of different properties in a single material: The greatest benefit to the user arises when several problems are solved at a stroke. If, in addition, an invention is of great social relevance, everyone benefits from it.

Evonik has developed one such innovative material, CALOSTAT®, which opens up new possibilities in various spheres of daily life as well as in industrial applications. This was Evonik’s approach in applying for the Deutscher Innovationspreis, which took it as far as the final in Munich. Although the product didn’t win the top prize, the management is pleased that it was placed among the finalists. CALOSTAT® is used as a non-combustible high-performance insulation material in new buildings and refurbishment, but is also suitable for shipbuilding and plant construction. 

Dunja Hayali, moderator of the evening, Ralph Marquardt, Bettina Gerharz-Kalte, Johannes Ohmer, Miriam Meckel, editor of Wirtschaftswoche, Frank Gmach at the award ceremony in Munich