Film at 11! What makes CALOSTAT® so special? In which buildings has it been successfully installed? Get to know the advantages of CALOSTAT® with these videos.

CALOSTAT® - Redfining Thermal insulation

Evonik has developed a new generation of insulation with the CALOSTAT® thermal insulation panel. CALOSTAT delivers an outstanding thermal performance with an extremely low thermal conductivity and is an ideal option for where space is limited.

What is so special about CALOSTAT® 

CALOSTAT® is the innovative high-performance material from Evonik. For the construction industry, a CALOSTAT® insulation board has been developed that combines several properties, that have been for a long time incompatible: very low thermal conductivity, non-combustibility and sustainability. This makes it a very slim, safe and recyclable insulation material for particularly demanding tasks. This video shows these special features.

CALOSTAT®: New Variants of the High-Performance Insulation Board

New CALOSTAT® variants expand the product portfolio for additional applications. Also available now is CALOSTAT® Sandwich MW, CALOSTAT® Sandwich MW-F und CALOSTAT® Pad.

CALOSTAT® - Easy handling

CALOSTAT® panels are easy to handle. Please observe the instructions in this video.

Reference projects insulated with CALOSTAT®

Adding value to every building. CALOSTAT® stands out for its versatile usability in various applications. CALOSTAT® is suitable for facades of new buildings, interior and exterior renovations, as well as specialty applications where thin and non-flammable high performance heat insulation is needed.

CALOSTAT® - The high-performance Insulation material

While he's making his body resistant to the cold, we're making his home resistant to the cold.