CALOSTAT® Variants

CALOSTAT® insulating boards are available as CALOSTAT® Pure, CALOSTAT® Sandwich and CALOSTAT® Pad variants.


CALOSTAT® Pure is a highly efficient and non-combustible insulating material. It is best suited as an insulating material in systems that are prefabricated. CALOSTAT® Pure is used as insulation in various facade systems or prefabricated composite elements.

CALOSTAT® Sandwich

CALOSTAT® Sandwich is a more robust variant with a core of CALOSTAT® Pure mechanically bonded to two facings. CALOSTAT® Sandwich is particularly suitable for insulation of back-ventilated rainscreen cladding as well as the ceilings of underground parking lots and basements, and for optimization of technical building equipment.


CALOSTAT® Pad is an insulation material with a core of CALOSTATR Pure sewed and grouted in woven fiber glass. The glass fiber fabric protects the core, thus simplifying transport, handling, and attachment. 
CALOSTAT® Pad is a mineral high-performance thermal insulation board for building applications such as facade elements, curtain wall facades, flat roofs, terraces, building elements, ceilings for underground parking lots and basements, as well as for the optimization of technical building equipment.