Historical half-timbered house, Herne (Germany)

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Heating renovation if a historical semidetached half-timbered house

Calostat Heizbox
Family Staudt
Heatimg supplier/ technical planner:
think-E-Energy GmbH, Essen
Executing companies:
Elbo-therm GmbH & Co. KG, Borken, interpico UG und Wolany Elektrotechnik, Essen
Construction year:  
Herne in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
Range of service:
Replacing the storage heater with think (RED) energy® low-temperature thermal walls insulation in rear side with CALOSTAT®, a niche heater, and heating strips.
Description of property:
  • Half-timbered house with brick infills
  • Heated area, before approx. 200 m2
  • Heated area, after approx. 275 m2
  • Calculated energy consumption, before approx. 100 kWh / (m2a)
  • Predicted energy consumption, after approx. 85 kWh / (m2a)
  • (dependent in particular heating use.)