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Getting warmer with an innovative idea  -  Super-insulation with top values

A wide range of applications opens up countless creative design possibilities 

CALOSTAT® comes recommended for a broad range of applications inside and outside the building envelope, such as interior insulation, cavity insulation for load-bearing walls (veneered, prefabricated composites) and even for the thermal insulation of various facade systems for residential, industrial, office and administrative buildings.

CALOSTAT® enables an exceptionally slender style of building facade, which means facades can be easily renovated within the borders of the property.more
Fire Protection

CALOSTAT® means that fire protection and thermal insulation no longer contradict each other, they are in fact compatible.more

Roof insulation jobs really showcase the strengths of CALOSTAT®, which is pressure resistant, non-combustible, sustainable, and delivers outstanding insulating properties regardless of temperature.more
Wohnhaus Calostat
Solid construction

In new construction, CALOSTAT® is outstanding for core insulation in insulating bricks but is also suitable in facing bricks.more